Company Profile

GBZ Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates product development and production, focusing on the processing, manufacturing, and sales of our own air-conditioning product series.
The air-conditioned work clothes, electric heating vests, electric heating socks, electric heating gloves, electric heating scarves and other products produced by our company are environmentally friendly, energy saving, low cost, convenient and comfortable, safe and reliable, and are widely popular. It is the best environmental protection product to improve working and living environment and improve people's comfort.

We have many independent brands, which sell well all over the world, especially in Japan, China, Europe and America.

Our research and development capabilities are mainly based on independent research and development, including production, education and research. Our research and development team specializes in garment design, construction, electronics, software, testing, and project management, electronic communications, wireless technology, computers, software engineering, mechanical design, mold design, optics, and more.

We strictly implement our quality management system certification, and electronic products such as batteries are certified and have a complete inspection report. Quality first, customer first are the principles we have always followed.